Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics of Metall Service Niederrhein Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG

Metall Service Niederrhein Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG (“MSN”) assumes responsibility for a sustainable company strategy and its corresponding implementation. Compliance with laws, ethical principles, human rights, environmental protection and employee rights are key elements of the ethically and socially responsible management of our business. We expect our business partners to meet these standards as well.

Area of application
MSN follows the principles of this code and expect all suppliers, subcontractors, representative agencies, dealers, customers and employees to comply with the principles of this code in the course of their activities.

Our company standards
MSN expressly commits to following socially responsible business practices wherever the company operates, in particular in the areas of human rights and employment standards, business ethics, the environment and sustainability. MSN views the success of its customers as a key to long-term, sustainable business success and continuous growth. In this context, MSN considers it a matter of course to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

Human rights and employment standards
1.) We respect and foster the dignity of every individual, and dedicate ourselves to the protection and observation of international human rights. We do not tolerate any working conditions that conflict with international or local laws or practices. We reject harassment and discrimination in any form. This includes among other things discrimination or harassment based on gender, ethnic origins, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, disability, marital status, pregnancy, political beliefs, membership in a union, or age.

2.) MSN does not tolerate exploitative child labour in any form. Accordingly we comply with all applicable laws related to the employment of minors and do not employ young people in any way that restricts their educational opportunities or exposes them to workplace hazards that could endanger their health and safety. All business partners of MSN must comply with these minimum standards.

3.) Compensation and benefits must comply with all applicable local laws regarding minimum wage, overtime and legally prescribed benefits. If corresponding wage laws do not exist, MSN expects to pay wages and salaries that meet the local industry standard.

4.) Compulsory or forced labour is not permitted in any form. Employees are free to terminate their employment at any time subject to the usual period of notice.

5.) MSN and its business partners observe the right of employees to freedom of association and recognise the right to collective bargaining to the extent permitted by law.

6.) The health and safety of our employees is protected to the greatest possible extent by providing a healthy and safe working environment. By complying with the safety regulations applicable in our company, each individual contributes to a safe and healthy working environment. We offer a voluntary health programme to our employees as well as training in all health and safety-related areas.

7.) Our business partners are obligated to comply with the applicable occupational health and safety laws at the local, provincial and national levels, and to obtain the required permits, licenses and approvals from the local, provincial and national authorities.

8.) Our business partners are obligated to establish and maintain documented health and safety directives and/or procedures as well as an adequate safety infrastructure and equipment.

9.) At the MSN site, business partners are obligated to fully comply with the applicable MSN directives.

Business ethics
1.) Compliance with cartel and competition laws
We compete openly and fairly on the global market with our high quality products and our reliability. In no way do we engage in illegal and/or criminal practices. We do not engage in collusive tendering to exclude or limit competition.

2.) Conflicts of interest & bribery/corruption
Our employees are prohibited from participating in the business of competitors, customers or suppliers, and from privately entering into business relationships with them if this causes a moral conflict. Our employees clearly distance themselves from requesting, accepting and receiving unwarranted or illegal benefits that could influence business decisions or transactions. Correspondingly, none of our employees shall offer prohibited benefits to business partners, their employees or other third parties in the course of business activities of any kind.

3.) Suppliers
All suppliers are obligated to conduct their business activities in full compliance with cartel laws and laws against unfair competition as they apply in the jurisdictions where the suppliers operate. All suppliers are obligated to comply with all applicable trade control provisions as well as all applicable export, re-export and import laws and regulations. We have high expectations of our suppliers and demand that they, in the course of conducting their business and especially in the treatment of employees, adhere to the same strict principles that are applied by us. As an importer, we emphasise the exact designation and classification of goods and raw materials and the precise indication of the value and country of origin. We expressly comply with local customs and import laws, regulations and procedures of government authorities.

MSN is dedicated to protecting the environment. We protect the environment through state-of-the-art facilities. Our business partners obligate themselves to conduct their activities with environmental awareness and efficiency, and to minimise negative effects on the environment. MSN requires all business partners to comply with environmental laws at the local, provincial and federal levels, and to obtain and maintain the required permits, licenses and approvals from local, provincial and federal authorities. MSN and its business partners minimise the amount of waste. Waste must be recycled as far as possible or disposed of by corresponding specialist firms in order to minimise the environmental impact.

This code forms the basis of all contractual relationships between MSN and its business partners. Compliance with these principles is taken into account by MSN in the selection of business partners. MSN employees abide by this code with no exceptions in the course of their activities. Failure to meet the requirements of this code by business partners can be considered a violation of the contract(s) or transaction(s) between the business partner and MSN, and MSN reserves the right to terminate or withdraw from the contract(s) or transaction(s) at its discretion. All violations of this code of conduct must be reported to MSN. Notifications must be sent exclusively to company management.

Brüggen, last update: 2017